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Based in Durango, Colorado, Flatrock Solar is a locally owned and operated solar panel contractor and installer serving the Durango area from Cortez to Pagosa Springs and Silverton to Ignacio.  Flatrock Solar has been helping businesses, homeowners and non-profits convert Colorado sunshine into clean, renewable energy since 2010.  

Thoughts - musings on solar panels and renewable energy

This page is for thoughts and ideas about solar and the environment in general.  I'm passionate about solar and think and read about it daily.  This will be a space for these thoughts.

Silicon Wafers For Solar Panels From Appalachia?

Matt Helms

It turns out that some of the most pure silicon dioxide in the world is mined in Appalachia in the same hills that are the home to coal mines. This ultra pure silicon dioxide is used to make microchips for computers, smart phones and solar panels. In fact, most of the high and ultra high purity silicon dioxide used in the world comes from Appalachia. This ultra pure silicon dioxide is melted down to form silicon metal ingots such as the below:


The ingots are cut into wafers and doped with Boron and Phosphorus to create an electrical potential that is excited by photons to produce electricity. Who knew something so high tech has its origins in the Appalachian mountains?