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Based in Durango, Colorado, Flatrock Solar is a locally owned and operated solar panel contractor and installer serving the Durango area from Cortez to Pagosa Springs and Silverton to Ignacio.  Flatrock Solar has been helping businesses, homeowners and non-profits convert Colorado sunshine into clean, renewable energy since 2010.  

Durango Solar - FAQs

Frequently asked questions about solar photovoltaic systems in Durango and their answers.  

Steps to go solar in Durango

Matt Helms

I often get asked what the steps are in installing a solar system in the Durango area.  The rough outline with time estimates is below:

  1. I like to start with obtaining your historic electrical usage from LPEA (or your utility).  This requires a signature and your account number on an LPEA form and usually takes a few days to get your usage back from LPEA.
  2. Then I'll setup a site visit to measure your roof or ground area for a ground mount.  I will also take shade analysis measurements if shading will be a factor in your location.  The site visit usually takes about an hour.
  3. With your usage and roof dimensions in hand I can then design a solar system that meets your needs in terms of electrical production.  I usually can get a proposal back to you within a day or two.
  4. After you've looked over the proposal and I've answered any questions you might have, I will send you a contract and another LPEA form that they call an Interconnection Agreement.  Basically this is a document asking them for their permission to connect your solar system to their electrical grid.  This engineering review usually takes about a week to a week and a half.  A representative from LPEA will visit your house or place of business to record your meter number, wire size of the wires coming into your building and their transformer size that is serving your building.  The LPEA engineering team will then make sure that there will be no issues with connecting your new solar system to their grid.
  5. After we have approval from LPEA I will schedule a date and time to complete the actual installation.
  6. After the system is installed, the state electrical inspector will inspect your system to make sure that everything we've done meets the National Electrical Code.  Basically they are checking to make sure the wires are the right size, type, etc. and that we've put everything together properly.
  7. Lastly, LPEA will again send a representative to your house or business to ensure that the system is working properly and will then turn on your new solar system!

So the steps install solar in Durango take a little bit of time, but most of the steps are just paperwork with a crew at your house only for a couple of days in most cases.  After the process is complete all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the Colorado sunshine!